Tooth Mousse

Tooth Mousse was developed by scientists at the Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne and GC Corporation in Japan.

Tooth Mousse was the first oral health product to contain the peptide complex CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate). Use of the complex is licensed under the trademark Recaldent™. The patents are owned by the University of Melbourne and licensed to Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd. The Recaldent™ complex has been show in many scientific and clinical studies to remineralise decay-damaged teeth by replacing lost calcium and phosphate.

Tooth Mousse is a water-based creme containing Recaldent™. It is applied topically to teeth and gums to provide extra protection for teeth, to help neutralize acid challenges from bacteria in plaque and other acid sources. It is available in strawberry, melon, vanilla, mint and tutti-frutti flavours.

Tooth Mousse is produced and distributed globally by the Japanese company GC Corporation. In the USA and Japan, it is known as MI Paste. Recaldent™ is a trademark and is used under licence from Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd.

Where can I get Tooth Mousse?

Tooth Mousse should always be used under the supervision of your dentist who will give you individual instructions and advice. Tooth Mousse is available from your dental clinic.

More information on Tooth Mousse is available on the GC Australasia website