What is Recaldent™?

Recaldent™ is the trademark name of a naturally occurring protein known as CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate). It is found in cows' milk.

The scientific research which led to the development of Recaldent™ began in the 1980's. Over 20 years, researchers at the Melbourne Dental School (University of Melbourne), led by Professor Eric Reynolds, investigated the casein protein in milk until they were able to identify and isolate the CPP-ACP complex. Research in the Oral Health CRC and its predecessor, the CRC for Oral Health Science, has focused on new ways of using the therapeutic and preventive properties of Recaldent™.

How does Recaldent™ work?

Dental decay, or caries, start when bacteria in plaque produces an organic acid which dissolves the tooth enamel, breaking down the calcium and phosphate in tooth enamel.

Recaldent™ works by delivering calcium and phosphate ions into the tooth, repairing and strengthening areas of enamel previously damaged by the action of bacteria.


More information

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