Our Research Services


The multidisciplinary research team at the Oral Health CRC is one of the most expert oral diseases teams in the world.

Working in state-of-the-art facilities across the University of Melbourne, the Bio21 Institute, and the Melbourne Dental Clinic, the team has developed unique research capabilities specific to oral health but also applicable to broader health product research and development.

Our research expertise is available on a commercial basis to companies and organisations looking to conduct independent studies on existing and proto-type:

·         Oral care products

·         Treatments and therapeutics for oral diseases

·         Dental materials

·         Anti-bacterial/anti-biofilm agents

·         Foods and beverages



We offer:

Product analysis and formulation


·         Chemical and compositional analysis of product samples using advanced analytical tools including mass spectronomy  

·         Formulation testing and refinement for improved efficacy

·         Analysis of dental materials using advanced microscopy and imaging


Product testing


Laboratory trials:   In vitro testing of anti-bacterials, dental materials, functional foods and beverages  and oral hygiene products using a sophisticated biofilm model specific to the oral environment, advanced microscopy and imaging, flow cytometry and microbiomic data.

Clinical trials:   Protocol development, ethics approval, clinician training and callibration, clinical examinations and statistical analysis and reporting for Stage 3 and 4 clinical trials.


Our research staff


All of our staff have experience working with commercial partners and clients. Their qualifications and experience range across dentistry (including specialty dentistry), microbiology, chemistry, materials science and bio-statistics. Members of our research team include the following:

Melbourne Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO is internationally recognised as an expert on oral disease with 250 peer reviewed publications to his name. Professor Reynolds has an outstanding track record in the generation and commercialisation of intellectual property and in leading scientific teams through productive lines of investigation (PhD Medical Science, Bsc Hons, FICD, FTSE, FRACDS).

Professor Mike Morgan has managed some of Australia’s largest oral health clinical research projects. A dentist by profession, he is a recognised expert on population oral health in Australia with particular knowledge of the oral health needs of vulnerable population groups (BDSc, MDSc, Graduate Diploma Epidemiology, PhD).

A/Professor Stuart Dashper is the author of more than 50 peer reviewed journal articles in the fields of oral microbiology, biochemistry, immunology and molecular biology. He has extensive experience in collaborating with commercial parties in the research, development and testing of novel oral health products (BSc Hons, PhD).

A/Professor Neil O’Brien Simpson’s expertise is in investigating the immune response to pathogens. With a background in peptide chemistry and immunology, he is experienced in managing research programs into the  development of novel vaccines and therapeutics. His research has led to numerous patents (BSc Hons, PhD).

Mr Geoff Adams has over 30 years’ experience as a biostatistician and epidemiologist involved in consulting, teaching, and research. For the past 15 years he has brought his skills to oral health research projects (BSc (Hons), MSc (Statistics), Grad Dip in Computing, Grad Certificate in Clinical Research, Specialist Certificate in Biomedical Research Management).


Our research facilities


Our state-of-the-art research facilities enable us to challenge and validate findings across multiple investigative platforms.

Mass spectrometer

For the identification and analysis of proteins and peptides



Chromotography for the purification and preparation of samples for analysis


Electron microscopy

Advanced imaging of bacteria and the structure of tooth enamel and dentine



Imaging of the structure of molecules and their interractions


Flow cytometer

Indicates treatment impact by capturing images of living and dead cells


Ion torrent

Identifies and measures bacterial levels


Pilot-scale microfiltration unit

For the purification of food and bacterial proteins, used in food and beverage production processes


Constant depth film fermentor

Unique model replicating the microbiological conditions of the mouth, used for testing the impact of antibacterials and other treatments and challenges


High definition imaging of the impact of chemical formulations on the tooth structure

Melbourne Dental Clinic

51-chair general and specialist dental clinic staffed by teachers and post-graduate students of the Melbourne Dental School (University of Melbourne) providing access to patient/consumer cohorts for clinical trials

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