Oral and Systemic Diseases

This program is investigating the prevalence of oral diseases and the links between oral health and systemic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and certain cancers.

Three projects are being carried out in this program:

  • Oral Disease Epidemiology
  • Oral and Systemic Diseases
  • Microbiome and Biomarkers

Oral Disease Epidemiology

This project is expanding understanding of oral disease in our community with particular focus on 'at risk' population groups, including children, older people and rural populations.

Oral and Systemic Diseases

This project is conducting large-scale studies investigating biological links between oral disease and systemic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and kidney disease. The project is adding to the knowledge base on genes, proteins, peptides, metabolites and bacterial species associated with major oral health conditions.

Microbiome and Biomarkers

This project aims to obtain information on the microbiological and molecular biomarkers of oral and systemic diseases. By identifying molecules which are associated with disease, Oral Health CRC researchers plan to develop a multiplex diagnostic test allowing early detection and better treatment of diseases.