Fuji VII-EP glass ionomer cement


Glass ionomer cements (GICs) are used by oral health professionals on exposed root surfaces to protect against demineralisation and tooth sensitivity. Researchers in the Oral Health CRC sought to develop an improved functional GIC capable of remineralising surrounding areas of tooth enamel. 

The commercial outcome of this research is Fuji VII-EP (Extra Protection) - a novel glass ionomer cement enhanced with 3% CPP-ACP (RecaldentTM)  now manufactured and distributed by GC Corporation. Studies in the Oral Health CRC have found that Fuji VII-EP releases calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions into the tooth and increases protection against demineralisation. Further studies in the Oral Health CRC are exploring the antibacterial benefits of Fuji VII-EP.

Fuji VII-EP is available to dental professionals in the USA and New Zealand. It is distributed by GC Corporation. More information.