Dr Brent Ward

PhD Chemistry (Monash University), BSc Hons (Monash University), Master of Research and Development Management (QUT)

Dr Brent Ward is a Project Manager for the Oral Health CRC and is currently based at the Melbourne Dental School laboratories located within the Bio21 Institute, The University of Melbourne. Brent brings expertise on issues related to the isolation and characterization of bioactive peptides from bovine milk and the interaction of casein phosphopeptide with calcium and phosphate phases.

For over 10 years Brent has worked on a number of projects within the Recaldent R&D program, including product and process development, product analysis and factory support, which have been pivotal in the commercialisation of the Recaldent technology and the development of a successful production-scale manufacturing process and production process facility at Scoresby. As a Project Manager in the current Oral Health CRC he continues to manage research projects for commercial partner Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd that aim to further optimize the Recaldent production process.

Since 2005 Brent has also been the Laboratory Manager for the laboratories located within the Bio21 Institute, and is currently a member of the MDS and Bio21 Institute OHS Committees, the MDS EDS Committee and is the chairperson of the Bio21 Institute Store Committee.

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